PhotoK 1.0

- Alert when done and Growl support - QuickLook support
1.0 (See all)

With PhotoK you can get digital picture incredibly reduced in dimentions.
For digital picture lovers comes PhotoK, a suite born to get high definition pictures thanks to the optimization of using lights, colour’s filters, colour-contrast, black and white.
The methodologies used are the New Byte Representation, able to compress a 1MB picture in a 400/450 KB picture (it can also compress again the PNG format), and the Dark Method, that guarantees the best performances in compression/quality ratio.
Within Suite you can find the PhotoK software that reads every kind of format, and files picture in new compress formats (CPD lossless image Compressor for picture compression).
- Alert when done and Growl support
- QuickLook support
- Crash Report
- Image information
- Log detailed
- Help/Manual
- Web Content Exporting
- Auto Updater

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